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KAD Dental Staffing fulfills staffing needs for dental practices all across the United States.  KDS brings the highest levels of integrity and honesty to your workplace.  We strive to make each interaction unique and personal for both clients and employees. 


KAD Dental Staffing is a full-service dental staffing company.  We deploy decades of experience in the staffing marketplace to successful connect dental practices with both the permanent and temporary staff they require.  We help drive your success. Positions we fulfill:

  • Dentists
  • Hygienists
  • Business Assistants
  • Practice Managers
  • General dental assistants
  • Specialty dental assistants
  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Temporary
  • Vacations
  • Surgery leaves
  • Maternity leaves

KAD Dental Staffing has many decades experience in the field of dentistry as staffing experts.  We operate in a deep knowledge of the modern dental practice dynamics and foster an employee matching process that will drive dental office success.  Our specialist work endlessly to match candidates with the most effective office and strive to meet individual practice  expectations that are required.

KAD Dental Staffing is one of a very few dental placement providers in the United States to offer payroll for temporary staff.  This model allows KDS to minimize IRS and other workforce commission regulations and requires for our client dental offices. 

Our guarantee is to provide the very best dental staffing for your dental practice.

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