Our time sheets enable our temporaries to record all hours worked in a pay period on one time sheet. You will only use one time sheet for the entire week. Be sure to PRINT YOUR NAME AT THE TOP OF YOUR TIME SHEET. Take a time sheet with you to each office you are scheduled to work.  Be sure to note the doctor's office under the "Office" column and have each day signed to verify the hours worked.  Please Note: "Courtesy Time" - a quarter hour (15 min.) prior to patient time is expected per Temporary Fill-Ins, Inc. policy.

Remember, you must sign your timesheet and fax it to our office at the END of each week in order to receive direct deposit the following week, on Friday. We cannot pay you if we do not have your timesheet. If you have any questions please call us. We will be happy to help. Thanks for your cooperation. We appreciate you so much.